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HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System
HI-FOG® Water Mist Fire Protection System


HI-FOG® for marine and offshore

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Marine applications

Fire protection at sea is especially demanding. Many requirements are in place to ensure maritime operations remain safe from fire. With its history rooted in marine fire protection, HI-FOG® is well proven to meet those requirements.

Today HI-FOG® protects almost every cruise ship in the world. Through extensive research and development along with rigorous testing, the range of applications is wide.

HI-FOG® benefits for shipyard:

  • Single supplier for all applications
  • Single supplier for project execution and training
  • Design and coordination cost savings
  • Fire protection during construction
  • Very experienced supplier

HI-FOG® benefits for ship owner:

  • Training in one fire protection system
  • One system to maintain
  • One mimic panel for all applications
  • Long lasting quality components
  • Single point for after-sales support
  • Sustainable solution

Protection for all spaces onboard

HI-FOG protects all spaces onboard

Using a modular design and compact components, HI-FOG® has the flexibility needed for all types of spaces.

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